Owl + Lark's mission:

to help you optimise your sleep so you can be at your best each day

Better day-night (circadian) rhythms = better sleep and health

That's why we're building the world's first circadian fitness company


Our mission is to help you achieve optimal health through a deeper connection with your day-night (circadian) cycle. 


That means taking a 24 hour approach to your health and wellbeing.  


Understanding your circadian rhythms and improving your circadian fitness will help you sleep better, feel better and perform at your very best.  Join us and look at health and wellbeing in a new way.  


Launched in 2020, Owl + Lark brings together a 20-year family business in product development and manufacturing with a team of technologists, designers and scientists that are passionate about helping you live a healthier and happier life.

Our Story

Running on coffee and adrenaline, our founder Hafiz realised that cheating sleep was affecting every aspect of his personal and professional life. And he could see he wasn’t alone.


When it came to optimising diet and exercise, options were everywhere. Not so for sleep. So after a frustrated to improve his sleep, he assembled a team of experts and founded Owl + Lark.


Our purpose is to find the best ways to help everyone optimise their sleep and improve daytime performance, whatever they do. That means strengthening the body’s day-night (circadian) rhythm, which governs everything from hunger to memory. 


Building from our expertise in manufacturing mattresses and furniture, our first goal is to furnish the ultimate bedroom with luxurious, completely sustainable sleep-products. 


The O+L mattress is the first example of this approach: a meticulously re-designed hybrid mattress – the product of 18 months of development and thousands of nights of testing. A luxurious and sleep-optimised product that is the hero of any bedroom. 


But we’re just getting started, and have so many innovations to share with the world.



We're your team of sleep specialists
- night owls and morning larks - trying to find better sleep in busy lives.

Hafiz Shariff - Founder + CEO - Lark

As a tech entrepreneur and city lawyer, I learned first-hand how a busy all-go lifestyle needs to be balanced by proper rest and recovery. 


Cheating sleep was affecting every aspect of my personal and professional life. In trying to improve my sleep, I began to learn about the body’s circadian (day-night) rhythm and was stunned by its importance.   


Circadian rhythms govern processes accross the human body, from memory to digestion. For example, eating later than normal can create similar effects on the body to jet lag.   


When we move against them, we can get unwell. When we understand them, we sleep better, feel better, look better and are less susceptible to health problems.   


That’s why I assembled a team and started Owl + Lark. Starting with sleep, we want to bring this understanding to the world and help people live happier, healthier and longer through improved circadian fitness.   


I’m inspired by my love of the outdoors, especially, rainforests and the ocean. That’s why O+L is entirely committed to leaving the world better than we find it, and sustainability is coded into our DNA. 

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the world of Owl + Lark. Anything we can do to help, just let me know.


Jocelyn Rupprecht - Chief Sustainability Officer - Lark

A lawyer with a Juris Doctor in environmental law, and mother of two mini eco-warriors.


Sustainability is a core value of our business and although the responsibility falls on everyone, Jocelyn  is our sustainability champion – constantly finding innovative and practical ways for us to be greener, kinder, and better. 

Elliott Koehler - Chief Product Officer - Owl

A multi-award-winning industrial designer who has created products for some of the the most prestigious brands in the world (not to mention the O+L mattress).


When not creating the future of travel as a Director of the pioneering studio JPA, Elliott is dreaming up the sleep products of the future. 


His work embodies our design principles: 


Think deeply, simplify constantly, design with purpose, sweat every detail. 


Dr Luke Gupta (PhD) - Chief Sleep Scientist - Owl

As leading sleep scientist to elite sports teams including Olympic and Paralymipc athletes among others, Dr Gupta has formidable experience translating the latest sleep science into elite athletic performance. 

Through his work he has discovered that many of the challenges faced by athletes apply in other occupations and lifestyles: long haul travel, late nights, insomnia, anxiety, overstimulation, sleepless partners etc.

Together with Owl + Lark he’s on a mission to use the science to help everyone to achieve better sleep whatever their lifestyle, and unlock that extra edge in their daily lives. 

Join our team

Owl + Lark is supported by an experienced advisory group and we are always looking for talented  people to join us on our journey. If you are passionate about sleep and think you have something to
add to our team, please contact people@owllark.com.

Owl + Lark seeks to make a positive impact

We are keenly aware that people have fallen out of step with nature and that our habits threaten the precarious balance that nurtures all life on our planet, including ours. We’re just starting out, but our principles influence every decision and energise new creative ideas. For more information take a look at our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy

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