We’re building the future of sleep

Founded in 2020, Owl + Lark combines 20 years of family manufacturing expertise with world-leading sleep science & technology.

Our mission: to help everyone live in harmony with their sleep-wake cycle. 

In 2024 O+L won an Innovate UK grant to build the next step in AI powered sleep tech. Please join us on the journey.

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Our Story

Running on coffee and adrenaline, our founder Hafiz realised that cheating sleep was affecting every aspect of his life.

After a frustrated quest to improve his sleep, he assembled a team of experts and founded Owl + Lark.

He learned that perfect sleep comes from great day/night rhythms; the perfect balance of action and recovery.

Building on our expertise in manufacturing beds, we decided to furnish the ultimate bedroom with premium, sustainable sleep-products.

Our mattress is the first example of this approach: a meticulously re-designed hybrid mattress – the product of 18 months of development and thousands of nights of testing – the hero of the bedroom.

But we’re just getting started, and have so many innovations to share with the world.

Meet the team

Hafiz Shariff


Elliott Koehler

Chief Product Officer

Robert Bagge

Head of Technology

Finlay Hudson

AI Researcher

David Prince


Jocelyn Rupprecht JD

Sustainability & Investor Relations

James Lazar

Head of Operations


Iacovos Koumi

Senior Business Leader

Patti Rain-Wiffin


Duncan Perry

Legal + Governance

Alan Greenberg

Technology & Scale-ups

Nicholas Witton

Sleep Scientist

Nicola Barclay PhD

Circadian & Data Scientist


Dr Luke Gupta (PhD) - Chief Sleep Scientist - Owl

As leading sleep scientist to elite sports teams including Olympic and Paralymipc athletes among others, Dr Gupta has formidable experience translating the latest sleep science into elite athletic performance. 

Through his work he has discovered that many of the challenges faced by athletes apply in other occupations and lifestyles: long haul travel, late nights, insomnia, anxiety, overstimulation, sleepless partners etc.

Together with Owl + Lark he’s on a mission to use the science to help everyone to achieve better sleep whatever their lifestyle, and unlock that extra edge in their daily lives. 

Owl + Lark's positive impact

We are keenly aware that people have fallen out of step with nature and that our habits threaten the precarious balance that nurtures all life on our planet, including ours. We’re just starting out, but our principles influence every decision and energise new creative ideas. For more information take a look at our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy

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