The steps we're taking to protect the world we cherish

Owl + Lark seeks to make a positive impact

At Owl + Lark we are keenly aware that people have fallen out of step with nature. Our habits threaten the precarious balance that nurtures all life on our planet, including ours.

We believe in a considered approach to business and a measured approach to our impact. We accept that our activities affect society and the environment beyond our primary commercial intentions.

We aim not only to mitigate our negative impact but to promote positive effects that enhance human, animal and ecological welfare. We think that responsible business can be a force for good.

Our stakeholders include our team, manufacturers, customers, shareholders, the local community and the planet at large.

These principles operate in the background, influencing our every decision and energising new creative ideas.

In practical terms:

  • We are developing internal systems to identify and monitor the ecological, cultural, and human impacts of our products from cradle to grave;
  • We regularly evaluate our supply chain and consider our footprint when establishing relationships with partners;
  • We ensure each stage of production does not compromise basic human rights, from workplace health and safety to liveable wage;
  • We encourage and actively seek diversity and equality within our own company;
  • We consult with our stakeholders to understand our impact and identify areas of improvement;
  • We produce a high-quality and thoughtfully crafted product that will stand up over time, thereby reducing wasteful consumer consumption.

Eventually we seek to assess not only our immediate impact but also industry wide manufacturing and business practices, and determine how best to measure, assess and revolutionise practices for the better.

We are always trying to move forward and would be delighted to discuss these concepts and approaches. We invite you to join us on this journey.