Sleep and circadian rhythms (the body’s daily cycle) are central to health. 


Our mission is to help everyone understand and optimise their circadian rhythms, achieving better sleep, mental balance and physical health along the way. 


This journal is our exploration of the world of sleep and circadian science. 


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Before you abandon your sleep tech — here’s one thing you might not have tried

Craving a better night’s sleep is synonymous with modern life. Our daily routines often deprioritise getting 8 hours, then we invest time and money […]

5 ways your body recovers while you sleep

We all know that we need to get a good night’s sleep in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next day, but what […]

Sleep cycle trackers 2022: how they help with circadian fitness & our pick of the best

Whatever your age or occupation, the right amount of good quality sleep brings both physical and mental health benefits. And it’s better for our […]

6 Sleep solutions that actually work

Sleep is one of our most basic needs, but so many of us just don’t get enough. At one point, we’ve all lain awake […]

Can you catch up on lost sleep?

We miss a good night’s sleep for lots of great reasons, like meeting up with friends, waking up early to go to the gym, […]

Snackers beware: is your snacking habit disrupting your sleep?

When do you tend to eat your last meal or snack of the day? Sometimes you just have to grab a bite to eat […]

5 steps to improve the circadian fitness of your work-from-home routine

More of us are working from home these days. And while our homes are well adapted to the normal tasks of life – cooking, […]

Boost your immunity

As many of us return to work and socialise in the age of coronavirus and COVID-19, looking after our immunity is more important than […]

Sick and tired?

As many of us begin to resume work and socialise in the age of coronavirus and COVID-19, looking after our immunity and our immune […]

Celebrating Difference

Over the last few months, the global spotlight has been shining light on the importance of understanding each other and making room for our […]

Birds nesting – a style guide

It has been a good spring for birds to get on with the business of nesting. With continuous sunshine and less disturbance than usual […]

Snooze through the Blues

Julianna Photopoulos explores the relationship between Sleep and Mental health as part of our Science of Sleep blog series. This year hasn’t been going […]

We’re not getting enough

On the morning of World Sleep Day, who is feeling well rested? If you are, you’re in the minority – two thirds of adults […]

In The World of Sleep February 2020

Sleep is a fascinating subject, and one that we humans are forever intrigued by. Research and trends evolve, while our thirst for a good […]

10 Sleep Snack Hacks

From our weight, energy levels and overall health to how well we recover from sport and how well we sleep at night, our diet […]

10 Sleep Hacks to add to your routine

By Amy Sedghi  We spend a third of life in bed, yet for many, getting a good night’s sleep can be a real battle. […]

Eat well – sleep well

At some point most of us resolve to lose weight and adjust our diet. But before we set out on a new diet with […]

Beat the Heat. Cooling Down Your Sleep Environment

Summer nights can be a challenge when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep due to the warmth and humidity. However, creating a […]

Prescription for a healthy waistline: sleep

Part 2/2 Diet and Sleep Do you find yourself craving crisps, cake or chocolate when you’re tired, and your waistline expanding after many sleepless […]

How to get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is your sanctuary In these strange and unsettling times, we are having to adapt to all kinds of new requirements and a steady […]

Introducing Chronotypes Part 3

Work schedules and city life. In the third of our three part series on chronotypes, Sandrine Ceurstemont explores what happens when your chronotype is […]

Sleeping Surfaces

Frank Swain investigates where and how we choose to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream: the 80,000 year quest for a good night’s rest. […]

The Science of Sleep

Linda Geddes explores the secret life of your sleeping body. Why do we sleep and what happens when we sleep? Your eyelids may be […]

Introducing Chronotypes Part 2

In the second of our three part series on chronotypes, Sandrine Ceurstemont investigates how chronotypes control your body, from the way they affect hormone […]

Introducing Chronotypes Part 1

Night owl or morning lark? In the first of our three-part series on chronotypes, Sandrine Ceurstemont investigates what controls your chronotype. Do you wake […]