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Celebrating Difference

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Over the last few months, the global spotlight has been shining light on the importance of understanding each other and making room for our differences. Our name, Owl and Lark, was born out of an innate understanding that there are many different kinds of sleepers.

At Owl + Lark we celebrate those differences and put them at the heart of everything we do. We have worked hard with meticulous attention to construct a mattress that accommodates all body types from large to small, short to tall, lithe to limber. And not just for individual sleepers either. 

Love knows no bounds, and despite an underrepresentation in the media, mixed-size relationships (meaning we are a different body type or weight to our romantic partner) are common. 

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Many of us know the feeling of when our partner disturbs our sleep and we wake up in the ditch by our partner’s side, or, on the other hand, politely push our partner away when they slide down next to us.

We resolved that problem by using a unique layered construction and an ingenious tapered spring, which keeps the surface of the mattress level no matter what combination of people are lying on it. 

The spring’s shape added to their distribution within the mattress, means that they’ll bend to accommodate whoever’s lying on them, without changing the shape and angle of the whole mattress. 

This design and internal construction has also solved the problem of partner disturbance, minimising any motion across the mattress when your partner climbs in and out of bed or turns over.  The result is a good night’s sleep whoever you share your mattress with.

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At Owl + Lark, our aim is to design for all types of sleepers to sleep well together because apart from anything else, if we were all the same, the world would be a total snore. 

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