Mattress measuring guide

Version 1.0, Dated 3 March 2020


We want you to make sure you receive the right mattress. It’s important to double check the size of your base before placing your order to make sure it will fit.

Make sure your bed base fits the Mattress.

Our mattresses are standard UK sizes, match the dimensions to the correct mattress:

Emperor       (Length: 200cm x Width: 200cm x Height: 39cm)*

Super King    (L: 200cm x W: 180cm x H: 39cm)

King              (L: 200cm x W: 150cm x H: 39cm)

Double         (L: 190cm x W: 135cm x H: 39cm)

Single           (L: 190cm x W: 90cm x H: 39cm)

*For the avoidance of doubt, ‘Length’ is the mattress length from head to foot, and ‘Height’ is the expanded height of a mattress from base to surface after it has returned to full size after unrolling.


Using your existing bed base, measure 40cm and hold the tape measure on the bed base to make sure you are happy with the combined height.


Our mattress is rolled into a bag to make it easier to get to your bedroom. In general you don’t need to worry about getting it in although you may need to ensure you have sufficient space for the larger mattresses which may not fit easily through small stairways and lifts. The rolled packages are the following sizes:

Emperor           (Length: 210cm x Diameter: 50cm)

Super King        (L: 190x Diameter: 50cm)

King                  (L: 160cm x Diameter: 50cm)

Double              (L: 145cm x Diameter: 50cm)


Your Owl and Lark mattress is much deeper and heavier than a regular mattress and it can’t be re-compressed at home. If you want to remove your mattress, you’ll need to make sure you can get the mattress back out again. If in doubt, we recommend that you measure the dimensions of all access points: landings, stairs and doorways.