Ionsilk™ bedding

Oxford Pillowcases


Crafted from O+L IonsilkTM (eucalyptus silk + antimicrobial silver technology). Oxford pillowcases that are cooler than cotton, softer than silk and excellent for skin.

Sheets reinvented for freshness

In 2022 we combined the softest eucalyptus silk available with the world's best antimicrobial technology to create O+L Ionsilk™.

The result is a self refreshing fabric that is softer, cooler, more practical and more sustainable than any other.


Fresh bed feeling every night

There’s nothing finer than getting into fresh sheets at the end of a long day.

Our custom-woven Tencel is the coolest, freshest material out there. Its 300 thread count sateen weave, and feels similar to 1000 thread count Percale.


Fabric that saves you money

The silver treatment in Ionsilk™ fabric lasts the lifetime of the sheet. It works to reduce bacteria by 99.9% meaning your sheets won’t develop odours quickly and you can skip a wash and save money, water, and the environment.


The sheet that’s best for skin

It’s hypoallergenic and Oek-Tex 100 certified and the silver is certified to be inert on the skin. And the fact that it doesn’t harbour bacteria means you don’t have to worry about dirty pillows aggravating your skin.


Customers are raving about the skin-improvement they’ve seen since using Ionsilk bedding.

Trusted by 5 star hotels. Loved by sleepers around the world.

Via Trustpilot
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"I don’t know that I deserve to feel this good at night, but I’m glad I do."
Stephanie Dowson
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"Immediately try this wonderful company for your next bedlinen purchase!"
Trish Ashbridge
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"I have never slept on bedding like this! It was so amazing that I bought another set."
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"This is an acne game-changer. I have had pretty bad acne on my cheeks for my entire life. And now my cheeks are totally clear."
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"Beautiful linen and I am going for the duvet and pillows next - highly recommended and worth every penny."


The luxurious upgrade to your sleep ritual

Each product in the O+L Ionsilk range has been developed to be the best version of itself.


Every branding and tactile detail has been added to make your sleep ritual the most luxurious possible, and lure you back into bed.


Possibly the most sustainable sheet in the world

Selected FAQ

Polygiene StayFresh, the technology used in O+L’s IonsilkTM is very effective. 

Polygiene StayFreshTM inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria in textiles by up to 99.99%.

Yes. It is based on silver ion technology, recognized for centuries with no harmful effects. Polygiene is used in medical, food and water applications.

Yes, repeatedly. The functionality of Polygiene StayFresh is tested to various standards such as ISO, AATCC, IBRG, JIS L and AAA. All tests are performed at independent laboratories around the world. We also undertake on-going quality control tests, environmental and wearer trials.

O+L Ionsilk fabric has been independently tested for efficacy in the UK by IMSL MICROBIOLOGICAL SERVICES LTD and shows excellent antimicrobial properties. 

Polygiene StayFresh is effective for the useful life of our sheets. And tests show that it has an odor inhibiting effect after up to 100 washes.

No. You can’t see the treatment and it doesn’t change the look and feel of a treated textile.

Yes. It can be effectively recycled together with other textiles.

Polygiene StayFresh keeps products fresh and hygienic, meaning treated products can be washed less enabling them to last longer while using less energy and water throughout the lifetime of the sheet. 

A prolonged lifetime is the major contributor to a reduced environmental footprint and a more sustainable product.

No. We don’t use nano-technology or pure silver due to ongoing safety concerns.

Polygiene pioneered the use of antimicrobial treatments and remains the recognised leader and most trusted supplier of anti- microbial technologies for textiles.