Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about owning the Owl and Lark mattress in our FAQs: from how the mattress is made to how to care for it and more.


About the mattress

The Owl + Lark mattress is constructed from layers of cashmere, memory foam, natural latex, wool, two 2.5cm nano-springs, support foam, and a foundation of pocket springs of varying tensions, all adding up to 39 cm of mattress.

Each layer serves a particular purpose in creating a supportive and comfortable mattress. For more information on our mattress please visit

On a scale from 1-10 where 1 is very soft and 10 is very firm we would rate it a 6 among UK mattresses, but this is subjective. We would describe the mattress as feeling like a medium mattress, but the depth, tensions and layers ensure it is highly supportive to your body.

An ideal mattress cradles your body, maintaining your spine in a straight line, while reducing pressure on joints. The depth and structure of the Owl + Lark mattress and its multiple layers of springs allows it to cradle the contours of your body, affording pressure relief across small structures of your body (fingers and ankles), as well as supporting the larger contours (hips and shoulders).

If you would like to find out more about the layers in our mattress, please take a look at our product page

The Owl + Lark mattress uses dense foam around the perimeter to create slightly increased firmness along its edges. This helps to stabilise the mattress edges and means that the usable surface of the mattress is larger because weight near the edges of the mattress is less likely to roll off.

It also provides support when you sit and lean on the edge of the bed.

No, our mattress has been designed to be as anti-allergenic as possible which is why we have minimised the use of certain hairs (like horse hair). If you have any specific questions about materials and allergens please contact

The Owl and Lark Mattress is compressed and vacuum packed with a machine using over 1000 kilograms of force and is designed to be compressed once in its life. As a result our mattress can’t be re-compressed at home and will need to be moved in its full glory like any other mattress.

The Owl + Lark mattress is fire retardant according to the stringent British Safety Standard BS 7177, Low Hazard, which is typical for mattresses being used in the home. We adopt industry best practises by having our mattresses frequently tested and certified by accredited third-parties.

We can also provide mattresses for the more stringent Medium Hazard fire safety standard for use in some commercial settings. Please contact us for more information.

This is a luxury mattress and because it is built with better, heavier and more durable materials, it weighs more than a standard mattress.





Super King


Weight in kg







Because of the support and comfort layers the mattress is deeper and heavier than a standard mattress. The mattress will need a sturdy bed frame with a divan, platform or slatted base.

Be aware that some bed bases with an integrated headboard don’t leave enough room for such a deep mattress so it’s worth checking your measurements. Please visit for a full measurement guide.

Because an Owl + Lark mattress has more supporting and comfort layers it’s substantially deeper than a normal mattress – around 39 cm (15 inches).

For this reason we recommend either:

  1. Extra deep fitted sheets: these have the same size and width to cover the surface of the mattress but they have extra material to fully cover the sides of the mattress too.
  2. Flat sheets one bed-size up

Your mattress surface is made of blended cashmere and the sides are made from linen mix fabrics and leather. Full care details can be found at

No the mattress has a top surface and is designed to be used with the luxury surface on top. We suggest that you rotate the mattress 180° every season.

Owl + Lark mattresses are manufactured in China, using materials sourced from around the world, including Italian leather, natural latex sourced from South-East Asia and Mongolian cashmere. 

Our proprietary springs are manufactured in-house alongside our mattresses. 

A substantial amount of hand-finishing is required to complete an O+L mattress. 

Our manufacturers, based in southern China and Hong Kong, are market leaders in eco-friendly operation and employee satisfaction.  


101 night free trial

Finding the right mattress is really important, you spend more than a third of your life in bed. Research and studies demonstrate that testing mattresses in a shop isn’t the best way to find the right one. It takes your body 4-6 weeks to adjust to a new mattress, which means that lying and bouncing on a mattress in a shop doesn’t allow you to determine the best mattress for your long term comfort and support. It can also take time to get used to the feel of a new mattress.

So you get to try the Owl + Lark mattress for 101 nights in the comfort of your own home.

If it’s not the right mattress for you – return it at any time for free. For full details visit

We will collect the mattress and refund you in full – as long as the mattress isn’t stained or damaged.

For full details visit


Delivery + installation

The mattress will arrive vacuum compressed and rolled in a bag. The Owl + Lark mattress cannot be refolded once expanded in your home, so you need to make sure that your exit routes are large enough for it to be removed at full size.

We offer a full delivery and installation service that will also remove the plastic packaging from your home.

We aim to arrange delivery within seven days, but someone needs to be home when we deliver so we call you to arrange the most convenient time. We can, at your request, deliver the mattress to a safe place, but cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of items not signed-for by the customer.

Our full delivery service means the mattress will be carried to your chosen room, unboxed and laid on the bed frame. All the packaging will be removed and the mattress will return to its full size (it is compressed for transport and delivery).

We also offer a service to remove and recycle your old mattress which can be selected while checking out your mattress or subsequently by contacting

You can buy the mattress and choose to have it delivered next week or in three months time – whatever suits you.

We currently offer standard delivery within the UK only.

We can arrange special deliveries within Europe upon request. Please contact us with your shipping address and request at and we will do our best to get you a luxury Owl + Lark Mattress.

Yes, once we have arranged a convenient time, our delivery partner will take the mattress to your room. They will set it up and take away all the packaging. Remember to leave time for your mattress to settle (typically 4-6 hours) before you sleep.

We offer a free delivery and installation service, but if you would prefer to have it delivered and keep it compressed and ready to install later, that’s absolutely fine, the decision is up to you. Bear in mind that your 101 night trial commences on the day the mattress is delivered to your home.

Full delivery and installation is included in the price of your mattress. Our delivery team will arrange a time, deliver and unbox the mattress and remove the packaging.

Yes we are happy to remove and responsibly recycle your existing mattress for a cost of £50.

We do ask that you retain the black outer packaging in case you need to return the mattress – in which case we will ask for the black bag to be returned as well. 

You don’t need to keep the plastic packaging – our team will take away these packaging materials and recycle and dispose of them responsibly.


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We can accept payments from all major debit and credit cards. These can be from any country as long as they are one of the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

Pay over time the easy way. Use your credit card with no interest, application, or fees.
Turn your payment into smaller, bite-sized pieces to pay over time.
•  Use your existing credit: VISA or Mastercard
•  Collect all your points and rewards
•  You choose 3, 6, or 12 instalments


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We think it is important that you have time to adjust to your new mattress which is why we offer a trial period. If you or your partner have not taken to your new mattress then you can return it at no extra cost.

In the event that you want to return the mattress it must be undamaged and free from stains, odours or damage. For full Terms of Sale please visit

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We provide a ten year Warranty.

What it covers:

  • Manufacturing defects and physical imperfections
  • Damage resulting from faulty workmanship
  • Deterioration of the condition of the mattress not attributed to normal wear and tear
  • Excessive sagging

What it does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear normal softening as the mattress settles
  • Damage due to improper use or mishandling of the product
  • Damage resulting from abuse of the mattress such as burns or stains
  • Damage resulting from an “act of god”
  • Damage to mattress handles, especially where these are used to bear weight. The handles are cosmetic and not intended to bear the full weight of the mattress. 

For full details of our Warranty please visit