Mattress Care Instructions

Version 1.0, Dated 3 March 2020


We recommend that you cover your mattress with a breathable cover to prevent any marks and stains from moisture or spills. You may want to use a waterproof cover during the trial period because we’re unable to accept any stained or damaged returns (please review our returns policy at


Your mattress surface is quilted cashmere blend. If you do spill anything on the surface we recommend dabbing with a clean cloth and warm water. Excessive scrubbing or detergent will result in pilling or marking further.


To increase the longevity of your mattress you should rotate it 180° every 3 months. Do not flip the mattress upside down, it has been designed to stay one way up. 

Please take care – the mattress is heavy. It takes two people to rotate the mattress and ask for additional help if you have a vulnerable back. The mattress should be rotated from the base, whilst we have designed sturdy leather handles to adjust mattress position, they are not intended to be fully weight-bearing.