The Hero of the Bedroom


The mattress is the unsung hero of the bedroom.



That’s why we set out to make it an object of desire – one that calls you back to the bedroom, even if it’s not always visible.




As fellow designers, we know how carefully you consider every space, texture, colour, and detail.  We applied the same level of meticulous design to our mattress. 




Each element has been carefully considered and hand-finished, from the internal multi-layered structure designed for ultimate comfort and support, to the external finishes and details such as fine Italian calfskin handles, the cashmere surface and seasonal rotation reminders. 

Something Familiar + Something New

The O+L Mattress is not just a hybrid mattress (i.e. a mix of memory foam and springs), but a luxury hybrid that also uses the best of natural materials such as cashmere, wool and latex


Together, these ingredients create extraordinary comfort akin to very expensive natural beds, with the support and pressure relief of modern mattresses. 


First Impressions Matter

The Owl + Lark Mattress makes a striking first impression. 



Every customer receives a bespoke personal service. Upon purchasing, they receive a custom Owl + Lark box with our aluminium bookmarks and two pins, along with a handwritten note. 



We can customise the experience for your clients. 



The mattress itself arrives rolled and upon opening unfurls from its dense cylinder into a very significant 40cm mattress.



But that is only the beginning. The mattress is designed for extraordinary comfort all night, for many years and the Owl + Lark mattress continues to impress after hundreds of nights. 








Any project, any size, we're happy to work with you

Whether a hotel, home, rental property, serviced apartment or something else, we work with interiors professionals on projects of any size. 

We are happy to work on an affiliate basis either (digital and analogue) and offer trade commissions to professionals and discounts of up to 20%.

Contact us below or call us to visit our interiors showroom in North London.