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81% of travellers say a comfortable bed is the single most important feature in a hotel room[1]

Ensure your sleep experience stands out for the right reasons. Guests expect hotels to cater to their sleep needs but so many fall short, we’ll help you exceed your guests’ expectations.

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Offering a better sleep experience can allow you to increase the rates of your rooms.

Sleep consultancy

Our sleep experts have developed a systematic way of rating and designing sleep systems for hotels, built on years of experience in the luxury hospitality industry.

We offer bespoke consultations for projects at any stage of development, in any geography, from initial inception before plans are drawn, to existing rooms in need of upgrade. Whether a luxury bed and breakfast, mega-resort or cruise ship.

Our team of Industrial Designers, Sleep Scientists and Architects bring our methodical and scientific framework to deliver an exceptional sleep experience

Patrick Massey

Chartered Architect

Nagib Shariff

International Resort Designer

Nicholas Witton

Sleep Consultant & Circadian Architecture

Elliott Koehler

Industrial and Interior Design

Katherine Heath

Brand Experience

"Quite simply outstanding. Owl + Lark stood out for its positive ethos and focus on wellbeing. I haven't felt so well-rested in years!"

Bespoke bed and bath products your guests will rave about

Engineered for great sleep, The Owl + Lark range offers your guests the best of natural materials and cutting-edge technology. All of the materials we use are breathable, soft and temperature-regulating, giving your guests a 5-start sleep experience.

A better sleep experience means more customers

We know how to craft the ultimate sleep experience


From total blackout sleep masks & weighted blankets to calming pillow sprays and bespoke consultancy, we can help you craft the perfect sleeping environment for your guests.


Designed to be both soft and supportive, every one of our Owl + Lark sleep products has been designed to offer exceptional comfort to your guests.


We use temperature regulating materials across our product range, helping your guests to maintain the right sleeping temperature all night long.

Increase guest satisfaction

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