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The Mattress

Uniting the finest materials (cashmere, latex, wool) with cutting-edge spring technology.

The layers of an Owl + Lark mattress have been patterned to the human body to offer support and comfort where the body needs it. An integrated topper provides an ultra-luxurious surface so that you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
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Free delivery

No contact or white glove delivery options

Free returns

If it's not right for you, we'll pick it up for free and give you a full refund

101 night trial

Get to know the Owl + Lark difference in the comfort of your own home

10 year warranty

Luxury that's built and guaranteed to last. 

Dream on cashmere

Ultra-soft and cool. An every-night luxury.

40 cm of layered support for your every curve

We've designed a support system that hugs and holds every curve of your body, whatever your shape.

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Pressure relieving topper

Quilted layers of memory foam, latex and wool provide cooling pressure relief.

Contouring nano springs

Up to 4000 nano-springs in a two-stacked layer contour to every sleeping position.

Breathing support layer

The high-tech breathing foam layer supports your spine and stops motion transfer from your partner.

Zoned pocket spring core

Proprietary 18cm multi-tension coils arranged into 5 pressure zones to support hips, shoulders and head independently.

Better support means better sleep

Because when your back is supported you turn less and sleep deeper.


That’s why the support system in an Owl + Lark mattress goes far beyond a traditional mattress.


At 40cm deep, the Owl + Lark’s unique combination of wool, foam, natural latex and thousands of springs supports your body like no other mattress.


Built-in topper that takes the pressure off

The integrated topper section is constructed from cashmere, wool, latex and open cell memory foam designed for cooling pressure relief. 


The cashmere surface has a luxurious softness that must be experienced to be believed. True every-night luxury. 


The layers of airy materials are precisely calibrated to keep you cool, whether there’s a heatwave or polar vortex. 

Protecting our natural world with a £25 donation to the RSPB for every mattress sold

Sustainability is built in to the design of an Owl + Lark mattress.

Most importantly, the Owl + Lark mattress is built to last. The contents of the mattress are more than 50% recyclable (considerably better than many mattresses). We’re working on making it 100%

We’re proud partners of the RSPB*, supporting their critical work to protect forests and save wildlife from extinction around the world.

*The RSPB is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 207076, and in Scotland, number SC037654
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"The best night's sleep we've ever had"


“An amazing mattress, giving us the best nights sleep we’ve ever had. Great support and extremely comfortable, the perfect combination. Very well made, you instantly can tell it’s quality. Best mattress purchase we have ever made”

V on Trustpilot


“A great company to work with. A quick response and great personal delivery options to get our mattress speedy”

Adam on Trustpilot


“This is an incredible mattress. We started to use it during the recent heatwave and were still able to get good quality sleep despite the high temperatures, thanks to the Owl and Lark mattress.”

Michael on Trustpilot


Built to last by a team that makes 5* hotels

We’ve been making 5* hotel mattresses for years – so we know how to make a mattress that lasts. 


The Owl + Lark uses only the most hard-wearing materials and construction. 


Hand tufted with an integrated topper and finished with Italian leather details, it’s a mattress that will stay comfortable, supportive and beautiful for many years. 


And it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Little delights

Every mattress comes with a couple of Owl + Lark feather bookmarks and Owl and Lark lapel pins. Small daily reminders to take a break and be good to yourself.

Technical Details


Weight (kg)


(width x length x height)

Rolled Dimensions
(length x diameter)



90cm x 190cm x 39cm

100cm x 50cm



135cm x 190cm x 39cm

145cm x 50cm



150cm x 200cm x 39cm

160cm x 50cm



180cm x 200cm x 39cm

190cm x 50cm



200cm x 200cm x 39cm

210cm x 50cm


Surface and Quilted topper: Cashmere, Dacron (polyester),  Memory Foam, Natural Latex (80%), Wool Fibre (70% wool / 30% Polyester)

Mid Support Layer 2.5cm Nano Coil x 2 layers

Core Support Layer: Medium density support foam, 18cm proprietary pocket springs in 5 ergonomic zones, durable and moisture-permeable base layer: Cotton + Dacron (Polyester).


 Blue JayTawny Owl 
Exterior Fabric 70% Linen 30% Viscose55% Polyester 40% Viscose 5% Linen
Handles and TagsEthically-sourced Italian Napa LeatherEthically-sourced Italian Napa Leather
Surface 100% Cashmere (knitted into polyester base fabric)100% Cashmere (knitted into polyester base fabric)
Brand detail and care instructionsScreen-printed TPUScreen-Printed TPU

Springs, not spring counts are special to us. At the core of an Owl + Lark mattress is a unique patent-pending variable-tension spring, individually encased in a fabric pocket.

Each spring is designed to depress similarly across a range of weights, meaning a lighter person is supported like a heavier one.

The springs are arranged into 5 tension zones to cradle your head, shoulders and hips independently. But that wasn’t quite enough. Each Owl + Lark mattress incorporates two further layers of 2.5cm nano-coils nearer the surface. These even out the pressure and add luxurious softness.It’s true that each Owl + Lark mattress has thousands of springs (about 4500 in an Emperor) but it’s the quality, not the quantity, that really matters.

Selected FAQ

How does the Owl + Lark Mattress feel? Like a perfect fitting shoe, a mattress should feel incredibly soft and snug, but must hold your body correctly.

The Owl +Lark Mattress is best described as Medium Plush, but the feel is so much more than that. It’s soft, but also supportive and cradling. Because of its depth, it can suit a wide range of body-types and sleeping styles – side, back, front and partner-disturbing sleep-invader style.

Over time, the Mattress will mould slightly to the sleeper, making it fit even better. We know that one mattress can’t be perfect for everyone, and that the experience of softness is subjective. We suggest trying it for at least 30 days to see how well it works for you.

We offer a free 101 night trial. If by the end you haven’t transformed your sleep for the better, we’ll gladly take it back for free.

Because an Owl + Lark mattress has more supporting and comfort layers it’s substantially deeper than a normal mattress – around 39 cm (15 inches).

For this reason we recommend either:

  • Extra deep fitted sheets: these have the same size and width to cover the surface of the mattress but they have extra material to fully cover the sides of the mattress too.
  • Flat sheets one bed-size up

Finding the right mattress is really important, you spend more than a third of your life in bed. Research and studies demonstrate that testing mattresses in a shop isn’t the best way to find the right one. It takes your body 4-6 weeks to adjust to a new mattress, which means that lying and bouncing on a mattress in a shop doesn’t allow you to determine the best mattress for your long term comfort and support. It can also take time to get used to the feel of a new mattress.

So you get to try the Owl + Lark mattress for 101 nights in the comfort of your own home. 

If it’s not the right mattress for you – return it at any time for free. For full details visit owllark.com/terms-and-conditions.